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I GUARANTEE you will learn something in this post about a guaranty

Yes, pun intended; I had to get your attention somehow, right? If you have been involved in commercial lending in any capacity, you have probably come across the guaranty (in this post, I am using the terms “guaranty” and “guarantee” interchangeably, as both a noun and a verb, per Adams on Contract Drafting). In working […]

Oklahoma Business Law: When is an employer required to pay for overtime?

If you are a business owner or someone in a position of authority with a business, do you know if your business required to pay overtime to employees? You might be surprised by the answer, read on to find out. For Oklahoma employers covered by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”), the FLSA controls […]


Find the right track for analyzing your Oklahoma non-compete agreement

Have you wondered if there is an easier path to begin the analysis of an Oklahoma non-compete agreement?  If so, you are in luck. I have written extensively about Oklahoma non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements, non-disclosure agreements and related competition documents. Recently, it ocurred to me that there is a better to explain how Oklahoma competition […]

Apple Podcasts – A micro search tool for easy listening hyper-focused audio learning

That title is fancy way you can use Apple Podcasts to find audio to learn how to do things and how do use software. Although you can probably generate a lot of the same results using Google, you can be more focused and therefore more efficient when you want audio learning by using Apple podcasts. […]

Are you familiar with the new employee overtime pay rules?

Do you know how many of your employees are entitled to receive overtime pay? If you do, you will want to check on this issue again in a couple of months because the rules are changing. The number of employees who are entitled to get overtime pay is about to explode in size. Most business […]

Are you ready for a new kind of tax problem help? Oklahoma Tax Help is here . . .

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Help arrives for taxpayers in the crosshairs of the IRS: Oklahoma Tax Help Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, March 30, 2016:  Today, Cazes Roberts, a full-service Oklahoma law firm, announces the launch of “Oklahoma Tax Help” ( Oklahoma Tax Help fights for individuals and companies to get relief from IRS or Oklahoma Tax Commission […]

Productivity Tool: Expand your text to reduce the time you spend

Do you find yourself typing the same sentence over and over again each day each week each year? Do you have to type similar phrases on lots of different documents? If you do, there is a better way. I recorded the short screen cast below to show you text expander tools. These are tools which […]

When is an IRS gift tax return required?

It is important to know when gifts you make trigger your obligation to file a federal gift tax return (IRS Form 709, United States Gift [and Generation-Skipping Transfer] Tax Return).  I have heard the IRS doesn’t take kindly to individual who fail to file required tax returns 🙂 If a person makes an annual gift […]

You need to know . . . when the IRS thinks you have made a gift

Since the word “gift” is at the heart of federal estate taxation, it makes sense to understand how the IRS views the term IRS Gift.  The IRS states that a gift is: The gift tax is a tax on the transfer of property by one individual to another while receiving nothing, or less than full […]


If I start an additional business do I need a new company?

Have you ever wondered why some companies that have multiple lines of business have multiple legal entities to operate them? Why does one company have a holding company that owns 14 different Oklahoma limited limited liability companies? The answer may be important to your Oklahoma company as you expand and grow. The General Philosophy My […]


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