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Oklahoma Business Law: When is an employer required to pay for overtime?

If you are a business owner or someone in a position of authority with a business, do you know if your business required to pay overtime to employees? You might be surprised by the answer, read on to find out. For Oklahoma employers covered by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”), the FLSA controls […]


If I start an additional business do I need a new company?

Have you ever wondered why some companies that have multiple lines of business have multiple legal entities to operate them? Why does one company have a holding company that owns 14 different Oklahoma limited limited liability companies? The answer may be important to your Oklahoma company as you expand and grow. The General Philosophy My […]


Tips on law office management for solo and small firm attorneys

While it is somewhat difficult for me to believe, back in 2007 I was actually giving people advice on managing your law office if you were a solo or small firm attorney! I know that this happened because I came across the PowerPoint presentation that is below when I was looking for some other files […]

The Series LLC Part 2 – practical uses

In part 1 of the Series LLC I discussed what the series LLC is and how it works. This post provides information on the tax implications and practical uses for the series LLC. III. Tax Implications As you know, federal tax law rather than state law determines the existence of an entity for tax purposes. […]

The Series LLC – Part 1: one LLC with the protection of 50 LLCs

The Oklahoma series LLC is a relatively new vehicle for the more efficient and effective management of assets.  You can create one limited liability company and get the benefit of having multiple limited liability companies.  Below is post 1 of 2 explaining the serial LLC and how you might be able to use it. I. […]

The issues to consider from the employer’s side in a severance agreement

Have you ever had to terminate an employee? Did you know that offering some severance pay and getting a severance agreement can protect your business? Employees are terminated. When it happens, both the employer and the employee need to know what issues to be thinking about.  One thing to consider is a severance agreement. A […]

One piece of boilerplate language to watch out for in the written agreement

Do you routinely cruise through the standard language that seems to appear in almost every form contract? If you do, there is one piece of “boilerplate” you need to pay attention to. It is called “boilerplate” because it is so standard in written agreements that people don’t even pay attention to it usually. This language […]

5 critical elements to consider before signing a business contract

I have drafted, reviewed and analyzed hundreds of business contracts through working as an attorney with small business clients. Below are some of critical points which emerge time and again in my work.

Why do I require a retainer fee?

Have you ever wondered why an attorney asks you to pay a retainer fee to get started? I lay out my reasons below. To learn more about the trust account, see *** at the end of this post. 1. It tells me I have a client. Committing with your words and signature to me representing […]

3 reasons you need a buy-sell agreement in your small business

Would you want to be in business with your business partner’s spouse? How about running your business with one or more of your business partner’s children? If these situations concern you, read below to find out how to avoid them. The phrase “buy-sell” is popular but often misunderstood.  A buy-sell agreement, or shareholder agreement as […]

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