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iPhone tips

Apple Podcasts – A micro search tool for easy listening hyper-focused audio learning

That title is fancy way you can use Apple Podcasts to find audio to learn how to do things and how do use software. Although you can probably generate a lot of the same results using Google, you can be more focused and therefore more efficient when you want audio learning by using Apple podcasts. […]

2 Mac Tips for fonts and colors

Do you like simple, but cool tips for your Mac computer? I came across two relatively simple and really neat Mac tips for managing colors and fonts in native Mac Apps (Mail, Calendar, MindNode Pro, etc. . .): Font Preview Pane. From Tim Priebe of T&S Web Design in Edmond, Oklahoma. See a preview of […]

Increase your device protection with a longer iPhone passcode

Do you know how secure your iPhone is? Are you using the four digit passcode and feel pretty good that it is protected? Think again.  Read on to find out how to make your iPhone more secure.

3 iPhone Tips to make your iPhone more fun and efficient

To be an iPhone user is nearly always to be an iPhone lover. The iPhone is what the personal computer should be without any of the hassels of the personal computer. The iPhone literally does thousands of different tasks. Below are three iPhone tips you might find interesting and useful including: Emoji keyboard on the […]

iPhone tips: Use the iOS timer to automatically stop your music

One feature I would like in iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) is a sensor that detects when I fall asleep listening to music or a podcast and shuts it off. While I haven’t seen this option yet, I discovered something close to as useful today: Use the Clock App on your iOS device to time […]

The wrecking ball effect of the iPhone on other smartphones

The evolution of smartphones View more presentations from shawnjroberts

5 simple yet critical things to do in social media

I’m not a social media expert, guru or ninja, but I have observed a few things which are common to people who are not paying attention when they join a social network (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc. . .). Missing these items gives the impression you do not know what you are doing and do not […]

The tools for making your work location irrelevant

A few years ago it ocurred to me that it would be good to work and be productive regardless of my physical location. That meant being able to be away from my office and still work at a high level, without having to explain to everyone with whom I deal that I am “away from […]

Get iPhone Emoji no jailbreak or app required

  You know all those neat little symbols, pictures, words that you can sometimes insert into email?  Those are called “emoji”.  Up until iOS 5, you had to jailbreak your iPhone or buy an app to get the iPhone Emoji keyboard. iPhone Emoji is now native to iOS 5 and it is easy to enable […]

iPhone keyboard shortcuts – iPhone tips

  One of the neat features in iOS 5 is the ability to shortcuts (which usually means a couple of letters) that the iPhone recognizes and inserts a longer phrase.  For instance, I added “drv” as a shortcut for the phrase “I’m driving, I will call you back when my vehicle is no longe in […]