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Oklahoma Employment Law

Oklahoma Business Law: When is an employer required to pay for overtime?

If you are a business owner or someone in a position of authority with a business, do you know if your business required to pay overtime to employees? You might be surprised by the answer, read on to find out. For Oklahoma employers covered by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”), the FLSA controls […]


Oklahoma employer tip: Oklahoma Child Support orders and independent contractors

If I am an Oklahoma business with independent contractors, do I still have to respond to an income assignment for child support? Read on to find out.

While you were sleeping . . . Oklahoma non-compete law changed a bit

The New Law While you were [probably] sleeping, Oklahoma law about non-compete agreements and non-solicitation agreements shifted a little bit.  The new law passed in May 2013 went into effect as of 12:00 a.m. today as Title 15 O.S. sec. 219B: A contract or contractual provision which prohibits an employee or independent contractor of a […]

How to craft a business email that will surely get you sued

Email is ubiquitous. It is so ingrained in our personal and professional lives that we sometimes forget that email creates a paper trail that never goes away. Even super-smart people stumble ocassionally when dealing with email. In a recent piece on The Verge, a gadget blog, the emails of some of Silicon Valley’s most famous […]

4 things to do after terminating an employee

✔ Are you an employer?  Have you ever terminated an employee or had an employee leave? If the answer is “yes”, consider this checklist of things to do after terminating an employee: 1⃣.  Pay the final paycheck.  Oklahoma law requires an employee to pay the final paycheck by the date that paychecks would have regularly […]

When does an employer have to pay a terminated employee his final paycheck?

Your employment is over, terminated or quit, and now one of the questions on most people’s minds is: When do I get my final pay check? Under Oklahoma law, regardless of the reason for termination, an employer is required pay the employee’s final wages in full, less any legal authorized offsets, at the next regular […]

Explaining Federal Employment Law – The Series

I usually cover legal topics that I see in my practice, particularly if they are common issues small businesses confront. One of those of areas is federal employment law. You might recognize the area more rapidly through terms such as “sexual harassment” racial discrimination” or “wrongful termination.” All of these issue emenate from federal employment […]

What steps can employers take to protect themselves from employment law claims?

Have you every wondered what are a few reasonable actions you can take to protect your business in an employment discrimination lawsuit and from employment law claims? Below are practices that I have found to be sound:

Is your business covered by federal employment law?

In Friday’s post, I covered what types of conduct are regulated or prohibited by Federal Employment Law. The focus today is a critical one: Who is covered by Federal Employment Law? The is that most employers with at least 15 full-time employees are covered by EEOC laws (20 employees in age discrimination cases). Most labor […]

What areas are protected by federal employment law?

Yesterday’s post was What is Federal Employment Law?. Today’s post covers most of the areas that are covered by Federal Employment Law. Federal employment discrimination laws prohibit a number of different activities including:

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