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Oklahoma non-compete

Find the right track for analyzing your Oklahoma non-compete agreement

Have you wondered if there is an easier path to begin the analysis of an Oklahoma non-compete agreement?  If so, you are in luck. I have written extensively about Oklahoma non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements, non-disclosure agreements and related competition documents. Recently, it ocurred to me that there is a better to explain how Oklahoma competition […]

4 Oklahoma non-compete questions to ask if you are an employee

If you are an employee being asked to sign an Oklahoma non-compete agreement, you should consider the four questions below before you sign:  

Can an Oklahoma non-compete agreement stop an independent contractor from competing?

I typically write about Oklahoma non-compete agreements in the employer-employee relationship. But what about a situation that many people find themselves in: independent contractor status. What are the limits on a business restricting an independent contractor from competing? Are the limits the same as in the employer-employee relationship? Read on to find out.

The Oklahoma Non-Compete Agreement in 10 simple slides

Have you ever wanted to know the basics of Oklahoma non-compete law but didn’t want to read 20 blog posts? Oklahoma non-compete agreements are a frequent topic on this blog. I have written thousands of words about non-competes and related issues. It occurred to me that since not everyone has time to comb through thousands […]

Did you sign a “back-door” Oklahoma non-compete?

Oklahoma non-compete law in the employment setting remains crystal clear: Non-competes are unenforeceable except in a couple of narrowly defined circumstances. That doesn’t mean some people won’t continue to try to accomplish indirectly what cannot be done directly. This is where the back-door non compete comes in. What is a back-door noncompete? It is a […]

A look at how Oklahoma non-compete law fits together

Have you ever wondered what the Oklahoma Statutes would look like in a picture? You will find the answer below. Sometimes it is easier to visualize rather than read complicated but interrelated topics. This concept even applies with the Oklahoma Statutes that cover Oklahoma non-compete law. There are several statutes that make up Oklahoma non-compete […]

Did you sign this beast of an Oklahoma non-compete agreement?

Its one thing for an employee to have reasonable post-employment restrictions in an employment agreement, but this clause exceeds even the most zealous restrictions I have seen. This clause arises out of the securities industry which from my experience is notoriously thorough and probing in areas such as competition. 6. No Interference with Business. (a) […]

4 questions you should ask before you sign that Oklahoma non-compete

No one goes into a new employment situation believing it will end badly.  But the facts are that all relationships are going to end; from the time the relationship starts, the clock is ticking toward the end. And by its very nature, many times the *end* comes with difficulty. For that very reason, you must […]

The Oklahoma non-compete Decision Diagram

While I frequently post about Oklahoma non-compete agreements, I rarely use graphics to illustrate my points. This post is one of those rare occasions. I created this diagram to illustrate the flow and process I might go through in analyzing an Oklahoma non-compete agreement. The Diagram is by no means a replacement for consulting an […]

Dissecting the Oklahoma non-compete statute phrase by phrase

If you have read this blog much, you have heard about Oklahoma non-compete agreements. The primary source of law on Oklahoma non-compete agreements is Title 15 O.S. section 219.A. To make the statute a little easier to read and to use, I am going to do a line by line (and at times phrase by phrase) […]

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