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Oklahoma Probate

Two ways to change title to a car without Oklahoma probate

Would you like to know two ways you can change title to a car owned by a person who died, without going through an Oklahoma probate? If your answer is “yes”, you have found the right post. ūüôā I have written volumes on this blog about Oklahoma estate planning and a lesser amount about addressing […]


When do I have to file a tax return for a gift I make?

Gifting into a tax return While it is not a subject that most people consider often, there are circumstances where a person can make a gift and be required to file a tax return covering the gift and potentially paying tax on the gift. Most people are aware that if you die owning a large […]


What is the difference between joint tenants and tenants in common?

  The difference between joint tenants and tenants in common is often perplexing but critically important for understanding property ownership rights particularly when there are Oklahoma probate issues. Let me try to explain how it works under Oklahoma real property law. The definitions – Joint Tenants – Tenants in Common Joint Tenancy with a right […]

Will the Oklahoma summary probate process help you?

Do you know what the Oklahoma summary probate process is?   Definition Summary probate¬†is a shorter, quicker version of a full-blown probate. Rather than there being two hearings in front of the Judge, there is only one hearing, at the end of the process. To give you an idea of what to expect, below is […]


What is the difference between the Personal Representative and Power of Attorney?

Can you explain the difference in duties required by the person who is the Personal Representative and the person who has the Power of Attorney?¬†¬† The primary difference between the Personal Representative (‚ÄúPR‚ÄĚ) and the person appointed under a power of attorney the¬†attorney in fact (the ‚ÄúPOA‚ÄĚ) is that the PR is administering the estate […]


When you might need to do an Oklahoma probate

Have you ever wondered when an Oklahoma probate is actually necessary? Although a lot of effort is put in to avoiding probate, there are times when it is simply the only option to change the title to a piece of property or free up funds held in a bank account. The result of a probate […]

Oklahoma probate: Deliver the Will or be responsible for damages

Have you ever wondered what happens if someone dies and you are the person who is keeping their Last Will and Testament for them? If not, consider this material. An Oklahoma law that many people may not be aware can have a big impact on a person who holds an Oklahoma¬†Last Will and Testament¬†after the […]

What is Oklahoma probate?

Do you hear the phrase Oklahoma probate and wonder what it actually is?  And wonder what happens in an Oklahoma probate proceeding?  Read on to find out.

What is the Oklahoma summary probate process?

It is kinda like Apple’s iPad Mini: Smaller, but every inch a probate. Oklahoma’s summary probate process eliminates a couple of the steps that a full probate requires but it gets you to same point in the end. The Differences For one, there is only one hearing in front of Judge. That is the final […]

Five Questions & Answers about Oklahoma probate

What is Oklahoma probate? Oklahoma probate is the process of a court administering the estate of someone who dies to determine: 1. What property the person owned. 2. What debts the person had. 3. Who is entitled to receive the property. Probate can happen even if you have a¬†Last Will and Testament¬†or a Living Trust. […]

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