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Estate Planning Demystified – Ep 8 – The Finale

In Episode 8 of 8, the finale of this podcasts series Estate Planning Demystified, I talk about putting it all together, working with the pieces of of the puzzle and give my best recommendation ever. Items covered in this episode include: 1. Review and summary of the previous episodes; 2. The Trust, Last Will and […]

Estate Planning Demystified Ep. 7 – Durable Power of Attorney

In this episode 7 of the 8 episode series Estate Planning Demystified, I talk about the final major piece of the estate planning puzzle: the Durable Power of Attorney. Items covered in this episode include: 1. What is a Durable Power of Attorney? 2. What makes its “durable”? 3. Why would someone want a durable […]

The post-rapture edition: Estate Planning Demystified – The Will

In this week’s “post-rapture” edition of Estate Planning Demystified (Episode number 5), I discuss one of the oldest and most well-know estate planning documents: The Last Will and Testament I cover some topics including: 1. Some history of the Will; 2. What a person can accomplish in a Will; 3. The things that you need […]

Estate Planning Demystified Episode 4 – The Living Trust

This is Episode 4 of Estate Planning Demystified. In this episode, I discuss the Revocable Living Trust in more detail including: There are any different terms used to describe the same thing: revocable trust, living trust, revocable living trust, family trust, A-B Trust. All terms essentially describe the same instrument: A. The creation by a […]

Estate Planning Demystified Episode 3 – An Oklahoma Will or a Trust?

This is Episode 3 of Estate Planning Demystified. In this episode, I discuss how do you know if need a Last Will and Testament or a Living Trust including: 1. Who are the people I want to transfer my estate to? 2. What do I have in terms of assets? 3. Who do I want […]

Estate Planning Demystified – Episode 2: The terms

This is episode 2 of Estate Planning Demystified.  In this episode, I go over and explain the terms that are commonly used in estate planning including:   *Probate *Last Will and Testament *Power of Attorney *Living Trust *Guardian   Direct Download Subscribe in iTunes If you want to leave me feedback or ask a question (both […]

Estate Planning Demystified – The Introduction

This is Episode 1 of the Estate Planning Demystified Podcast. I have been talking about doing a podcast for a long time. Recently, “talking” become “doing” and I shipped the product. I am excited to introduce my podcast series: Estate Planning Demystified. This will be an 8-episode series in which I talk about what estate […]